We have our own factory, buy local raw materials, make candy&lollipop with love.

Moose Bell Products Inc. is located in beautiful Fredericton, NB, Canada, producing maple & fruit flavoured hard candies and lollipops under the brand POLLIPOP, a registered trademark in Canada and the US.

POLLIPOP uses Canada Grade A (Amber) pure maple syrup, wild blueberry juice, organic cranberry juice and haskap juice as important raw materials to make hard candies and lollipops free from added artificial colour or additives.POLLIPOP's innovative production process perfectly presents the colours and flavours of natural ingredients withoutrelying on artificial additives.

POLLIPOP established a strict food safety system under the supervision of the CFIA. The product quality meets the requirements of the CFIA for export products, and can be exported to other countries and regions.

POLLIPOP uses food-grade PETG instead of PVC forlollipop containers. PETGis safer and more environmentally friendly.

POLLIPOP seals the lollipops with food-grade three layers customized film, which will not breakduring the long transportation.

The Canada Grade A (Amber) pure maple syrup, pure wild blueberry juice and pure haskap juice used in the products come from a well-known supplier in New Brunswick, who owns thousands of acres of forests and plantations, and manufactures maple syrup, pure juice and related products under the supervision of the CFIA.

The pure organic cranberry juice used in the products comes from another well-known brand supplier in New Brunswick, who has focused on organically growing cranberries for more than twenty years and whose organic cranberry products are widely known in the Atlantic provinces.

The products are available in various packaging to meet different customers’ needs.

Delicious, healthy and beautiful lollipops and candies are suitable for people of all ages. These products are also great gifts for friends and family because they are very Canadian and very New Brunswick.

We do wholesale business on the Canadian market, and export business in other countries and regions.

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